Author Topic: Use original artwork instead of taking it from other games without credit  (Read 6139 times)

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I started playing because I thought the gameplay sounded interesting. Unfortunately, I could not get over the way that the vast majority of the assets in the game (85.7%+) are ripped from other sources without crediting them. By my tally of the icons for just the buildings, ships, research, and defense tabs:
I've attached annotated screenshots with the icons and their originating sources. I'd like to enjoy this game, but I can't knowing that so much art is being taken without due credit to the artists.

The new art assets don't have to be nearly as complex as the art being taken, a simpler but original and cohesive style would be a significant improvement from the current situation.


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Hello uhohspaghettio,
we have already purchased artwork and implemented it in a major update which is still being developed.
You can read more info here -,283.0.html
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